Web Development with PHP, HTML, CSS, & JavaScript

Welcome to the website of Irish web developer Kevin McMahon. I try to create usable, accessible websites through the use of best practice, standards based HTML and CSS. I also write a little about web design and accessibility, whilst drinking far too much tea.

Standards Based Web Design

When it comes to creating websites that are accessible and usable, internet best practices are a must. By using standards based web design, your information can reach the maximum number of people, whilst ensuring that your website is future-proof.

Information Architecture

One of the most important aspects of any media is knowing what content goes where. With the correct information architecure, you can make your website easy to navigate and understand.

User Interface Design

Websites can be full of relvant information, but if they don't have an effective user interface, visitors can tire of it quickly, and move somewhere else. With the correct interface design, you can maximise the efficiency and usability of your website.

Search Engine Optimisation

It's all well and good having a beautiful website to promote yourself or your business, but all the work can be pointless if nobody is able to find it. Search Engine Optimisation ensures that when users search the web for topics relevant to you, they can find you.

Content Management

Websites need to be constantly updated with relevant information, to prevent them from going stale. You can have a beautifully designed website, but if the content isn't fresh and interesting, users won't come back. I have developed simple content management systems using XML and SQL databases, through which users can log in and update their websites easily.