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Website Accessibility

Website Accessibility is a very important issue, because access to information should be easy for all users regardless of any impairment or disability.

Web authors should ensure that their web site pays close attention to accessibility needs and requirements. Below are a few of the steps I have taken to help make this web site as accessible as possible.

WAI Priority level 3

I have followed the Web Accessibility Initiatives (WAI) lead for making web content accessible. I have aimed to provide a web site that meets all the guidelines set out for priority level one, and two of the current Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) document. Where I possible I always try to meet the level three guidlelines also.

Valid Markup

Well-structured, valid HTML markup is employed throughout the site. Please feel free to validate any page on this site via the’s HTML validation tool. In general, valid markup ensures accessibility on virtually any HTML-enabled device, delivering site content accurately. I also hope to maintain valid CSS and unobtrusive JavaScript to enhance usability and design, however all content remains accessible without CSS and/or JavaScript functionality.

Use of JavaScript

There is very limited use of JavaScript within this site. No content is out of reach if you do not have JavaScript or if it is disabled.

Browser Compatibility

I have tried to ensure that all of the pages on this site are readable in most browsers. As well as checking compatibility with the latest versions of the most used browsers, I have also checked to ensure that is is backward compatible with older versions and other browsers.

Increased Usability

I have tried to implement a simple and usable navigation to allow users to locate information as easily as possible. The main functions and areas of the site can be found in the navigation bar on the top right of the content are, whilst there are easy-use links to the content, and accessibilty and search function on the top.

Print friendly

The current site utilises the latest HTML and CSS techniques to ensure that all pages will print in 'print friendly' format.
This 'print friendly' format removes redundant information from the printed page as well as background colours allowing you to print only the information you want in a very easy to read way.

In most of the modern browsers, the 'print' option can be found within the 'file' menu in the top left of the browser window.

Scalable font size

I understand that not everyone has '20:20' vision and that to some of you the font on the site may be too small. I have tried to ensure that all text throughout the site can be scaled up and down as you require it, without adversly affecting your experience of the site.

In most of the modern browsers, the 'text size' option can be found in the 'view' menu in the top left of the browser window.

Contact Me

If you are still having problems navigating or accessing content on this site then please feel free to get in touch with me at [email protected]