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A First Post

Monday 17th November 2008

I've decided to create a blog on web design because with 7 years of experience in xhtml and css (and developing interest in PHP and Javascript) I have aquired a knowledge base that I would like to share. I've noticed that web design in Ireland is lacking somewhat in online resources and web design blogs, with very little information of relevance being written on the subject. In Irish web design, there's also a shocking lack of standards compliance and accessibility, which I feel needs to be addressed. Since I'm currently studying accessibility in web design and hope to develop expertise in the area, I'll also write a lot on that subject, as I discover more about it and as I find things relevant to share.

You may noticed that unlike many other blogs or portfolio websites, this one isn't powered by Wordpress. The website is powered by PHP and a MYSQL database, the code of which I developed myself over the space of about 4 months in my spare time. It also includes a Content Management System for editing pages and creating posts. As such, the entire website itself serves as an example of my design and development work.

I hope you enjoy my work and please feel free to comment.

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